"Weekly" Resource #3

Michael Craddock
Michael Craddock

These "weekly" resource posts are getting fewer and far between each time I write one. So from now on, I will be changing them by removing the weekly part and instead just make them whenever I think I have found enough content to put in them. Some weeks I come across loads of things that I think are cool, interesting, or useful and others nothing at all.

git pro tip

First up a blog post that has helped me a couple of times where I haven't branched before making a commit.

Moving your latest commit

The magical code that has saved me a couple of times now is this one.

git branch feature
git reset --hard HEAD~1

All it's doing is creating a branch off of the current one you're on with you're commit and then hard resetting the branch you're on by one commit. (I recommend double checking that the new branch has the accidental commit on it first, but that's just me being over cautious) This only works if you haven't pushed yet though.

Drawing things

I came across this list of links from Make Use Of for helping you improve your drawing. I haven't looked at them all myself yet but I'm keeping note of these as they look like there's some really good info there.

MUO drawing improvement links

Tech related things

Monzo's engineering progression framework

This looks really cool for helping employers and employees track and work towards your career progression. I think it's a really great idea worth implementing

Blog post

The web framework

Understanding disabilities

GDS has provided a load of user profiles for helping with understanding common barriers people with different disabilities may come across.

GDS user profiles

Here is a video talking about accessible design strategies that I would definitely recommend watching.

Strategies for Accessible Design - Alistair Duggin

These accessibility related links were found from the a11y weekly newsletter. I highly recommend you sign up for this. It always has some great resources on it.

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