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Default Props Using withComponent()

Michael Craddock

When working on a styled component that was extending an existing component with default props I noticed an interesting behaviour that I thought was worth documenting.

"Weekly" Resource #3

Michael Craddock

This resource post contains a useful git tip, a link to improving your drawing, Monzo blog post links, and some accessibility information!


Michael Craddock

So my ‘first’ (It’s not really my first) adventure in Go I thought I’d attempt to make some sort of tool to generate a Fibonacci sequence. The idea is the if I call the program it will give me 10 numbers in the sequence or I can pass it a value and have it return that count of numbers.

Weekly Resource #2

Michael Craddock

This resource post is very late and very thin on the ground this week! I was at a conference over the weekend so here's a link to the youtube playlist of the videos.

Weekly Resource #1

Michael Craddock

Here begins my first weekly resource post! I'll try to keep doing these regularly but who knows how long I'll keep them up! This week will be a dump of stuff I've found from the past few weeks. I've listed a few books I've read/am reading and some language learning resources etc.

What doing?

Michael Craddock

So this is the beginning of my blog. I've been meaning to start something for an absolute age now and never really knew what I would write about or the tone I wanted to go for. Instead of spending months toiling over what I want to write or whether or not I can write something of value I decided to say fuck it and just do what I want.