What doing?

Michael Craddock
Michael Craddock

So this is the beginning of my blog. I've been meaning to start something for an absolute age now and never really knew what I would write about or the tone I wanted to go for. Instead of spending months toiling over what I want to write or whether or not I can write something of value I decided to say fuck it and just do what I want.

Most of my content will be focused on tech-related stuff. Probably about 90% of the posts will be development related. But there will be a sprinkling of random stuff in there. Maybe travel related, maybe writing about some learning resources I've found that week. Potentially a recipe or two as well, but that might be a different section in the future.

I also plan to use this blog as an extension of my learning. By writing about things I'm learning I might not only help others learn something but also solidify what I've learnt myself.

I hope it will keep you entertained and that you get some sort of use out of the content that I write.

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